How To Use Satsang As A Way Of Everyday Life

Satsang is not a spiritual discourse- but we take it as that! We have attended so many courses and here is one more! In schools the teachers gave us lectures, at home it was someone and now, here, there is one more! The fact here is that ‘there’ they were teaching you something, and, ‘here’, the teaching is being erased. To intellectually stimulate you, you have to feel good about your learnt behaviour. But, to feel spiritually good, you have to sideline the learnt behaviour and focus on the experiences and what the ‘unlearnt’ responds to the same experiences.

How you respond to your experiences has not been taught by your teachers // by any degree that you received. Yet, those experiences happened with you – which means that they are there in your Soul Script, and, if they (your experiences) are there in your Soul Script or your Prarabdha, that means that the shakti/strength to fend or the shakti to work through those incidents is also lying inside you! You cannot ask for a degree for this kind of incident! Because, if you have attracted this incident, the solution has come with you!

Would you ask someone to get a lemon from an apple tree? Then, why would the Divine Intelligence send you something for which you don’t have the strength or intelligence? The problem arises when you put yourself in a corner and blame another for it! Don’t we always do that? When that particular person is not there, then you feel the problem is not there? Why? Because, that person is not there to remind you of your weakness! But, actually, the problem is still there. Only, now, the person who is mirroring your weaknesses is not there and so you are happy!

I am fooling myself and I feel that the problem has been solved.

All the people who project your weakness to you are not good because your ahankar gets hurt big time and, when your ahankar gets hurt you are not happy. But, the moment the ahankar is put aside and you decide to understand with gyanam and that you want strength from the knowledge – the ultimate knowledge of the Truth that which can never be changed – That is Satsang.

Source – Prerna School of Inspiration

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