Burning Man – Inner Child

One of the most powerful art pieces at Burning Man this year: the sculpture of two adults fighting, backs to one another…yet the inner child in them both just wants to connect and love one another. Age has so many beautiful gifts, but one that I could live without is the pride and resentment we hold onto when we are in conflict with others. The forgiving, open and free spirit of children IS OUR TRUE NATURE; and I know I’ll be remembering this next time I’m feeling stubborn. ~Alexi Panos. (Via WhatsApp)

Source – https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/5c/19/03/5c1903d869eca9ba3423573e96baa7ef.jpg Contributed by Reader Andres


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16 Responses to Burning Man – Inner Child

  1. Matthew Calvert-Rodgers says:

    The most amazing piece of art I have seen, too much modern art says nothing to me…
    this however, reaches into my soul and reminds me to get in contact with my inner child

  2. Stephanie says:

    How can one obtain a high-res image of THIS photo for personal use? (not sale or redistribution)?

  3. Lynn T. says:

    Masterpiece in so many ways! I’m blessed to have even seen it!

  4. I’d love to use this photo oh my site, should I link here? Are you the photographer?

    • nik says:

      Hello Kat, Sorry about the late response. Yes you may use the photo on your site and link it here. And no I’m not the photographer.

      • Sara Ouimette says:

        I would like to use this image on my website as well. I’m a psychotherapist but I do not want to infringe on any copyright laws, etc. I see above you told Kat she may use the image on her website and link it here. I can do the same but do you know the photographer or who I can credit as the source and ask their permission as well?

  5. Andres says:

    Really wonderful piece of rate.

    You can find it in a better resolution hier:


  6. Ronald says:

    I love this picture! Is there also a high-res version available to print and put on my desk?

  7. AMack says:

    I want to repost this picture but I want to give credit to the artist………I am in love with this but do not want to put on social media without giving credit….. thank you

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