The Simplest way of understanding Karma

This is How Karma works! lol.



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Gotham Buddha

Lols, you know you are in Dwarpar Yuga (i.e out of Kaliyuga) when you see something like this.

Don’t know what is Dwarpar or Kali yuga? See this simplified explanation.


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Where are You Now?



(Modified, corrected and additions made from an inspired message via whatsapp message from a friend)

There are four yugas widely accepted in Hinduism/Spirituality. They are:
1. Satya yuga
2. Treta yuga (Ramayana)
3. Dwapara yuga (Mahabharata) – Our present times in 2016, in other words, year 316. 316 years since Kali Yuga.
4. Kali yuga (before our present times World Wars)

In Satya yuga, the fight is between two worlds (Devalok & Asuralok). Asuralok being the evil, a different WORLD.

In Treta yuga, the fight is between Rama and Ravana. Both rulers from two different COUNTRIES.

In Dwapara yuga, the fight is between Pandavas and Kauravas. Both good and evil from the SAME FAMILY.

Note how the evil is getting closer. For example, from a DIFFERENT WORLD to a DIFFERENT COUNTRY to the SAME FAMILY.

Now, where is the evil in Kali yuga???

It is inside us. Both GOOD AND EVIL LIVE WITHIN. The battle is within us. Who will we give victory to, our inner goodness or the evil within??

Think, identify and ascend…

Interestingly, though, just as these Yuga’s exist outside, they also exist in us personally, also can be referred to as our mental states of being and these change moment to moment. So, that brings us to the most interesting question about you. Where are You Now?

Please note:- This is nothing new, and have always been. These are teachings from Gurudev – Shri Yukteshwar Giri, as taught and inspired by Bhakta Dr.Aarti Khosla of Prerna School of Inspiration.

For deeper reading please read the book The Holy Science by Shri Yukteshwar Giri (physical copy) or the Kindle version. For further inspiration, correct understanding and much deeper contemplation, connect directly with Prerna School of Inspiration.






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Affirmation – The space between where I am, and where I want to be!

A Powerful Affirmation this is!



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The Impressions We Leave Behind

The impressions we leave behind on ourselves. Not only physically, but mentally, spiritually, karmically.

Inspiration received after completing meditation and seeing the yoga mat leave physical impressions on my left leg. Aum.

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Dear Human you’ve got it wrong

An excellent awareness point and shows you why the world wants to throw experiences at you and why your worldly mind wants experiences.

dear human


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Anita Moorjani’s Message Of Peace Through Her Near Death Experience

The lady in video, Anita Moorjani came out of coma and saw what most people call “heaven”. She  shares her incredible experience of how she could hear and see everyone while she was in coma and how it healed her from 80% of damage that her Cancer had done.

You can see the interviewer Karen Daliva really lighten up and feel the experience with her.

You can also read about Anita’s fascinating journey in her book Dying to be Me.


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Anything you are here for…

A beautiful inspiration.

anything you are here for



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Burning Man – Inner Child

One of the most powerful art pieces at Burning Man this year: the sculpture of two adults fighting, backs to one another…yet the inner child in them both just wants to connect and love one another. Age has so many beautiful gifts, but one that I could live without is the pride and resentment we hold onto when we are in conflict with others. The forgiving, open and free spirit of children IS OUR TRUE NATURE; and I know I’ll be remembering this next time I’m feeling stubborn. ~Alexi Panos. (Via WhatsApp)

Source – Contributed by Reader Andres


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What is Maturity ?

maturity-starts-when-the-drama-ends-quote-1Maturity is when you stop trying to change people, and instead focus on changing yourself.

Maturity is when you accept people for who they are.

Maturity is when you understand that everyone is right in their own perspective.

Maturity is when you learn to “let go”.

Maturity is when you are able to drop “expectations” from a relationship and give for the sake of giving.

Maturity is when you understand that whatever you do, you do for your own peace.

Maturity is when you stop proving to the world how intelligent you are.

Maturity is when you focus on positives in people.

Maturity is when you do not seek approval from others.

Maturity is when you stop comparing yourself with others.

Maturity is when you are at peace with yourself.

Maturity is when you can differentiate between “need” and “want, and you can let go of your wants.

Maturity is when you stop attaching “happiness” to material things.

Be simple.. Be positive..Be relax.. Show Maturity

Check out the though provoking Maturity Climb image below!

maturity climb

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